Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Lately and a Thought From the Past

Not much has been going on for us lately.  We had a fun Super Bowl party at my mom's - with lot's of treats. I attempted to make pretzel bites, which worked out well except for the cinnamon one's; they were more like charcoal bites.

I've got a really great recipe of the week in mind, but I just need to take some pictures. My dear Watson has been sick with a nasty throat and fever for several days, so I've just been trying to keep up on the house and everything else. I'm so grateful that when he's not sick, he does dishes and laundry and vacuuming.  I couldn't do it without his help and I've really become aware of that these last few days.  Thank you honey.

Here are some thoughts from the past:

May 3, 2011

I had a really great experience at Women’s Conference this year. I was in charge of room 250 SWKT, and everything went well. One of the presenter’s husbands who I helped with A/V issues said he wanted to adopt me. The Hospitality staff were all shocked and amazed at how young I am. I got a lovely compliment in the form of: “you’re a good little worker.”  Why thank you. I learned so much in the classes that I wouldn’t have normally chosen to attend. Especially family history.  I learned about finding complete families, not just your direct ancestors but their brothers and sisters etc., who may not have had any descendants.  I also learned that even if you have an ancestor with all their temple work done, you could still research that person just to get to know who they are. You may even come to recognize their help during difficult times in your life.

I went to my first Stake Camp leader meeting. I am the youngest. By FAR!  I felt intimidated and scared, but I also felt very strongly that the Lord wants me to do this calling. There is something I have to offer that no one else could in this particular time. I know that if I can follow the Spirit, the Lord will allow me to do great things for Him and our stake. I’m getting excited about girls camp!

Current Note: A common theme in this journal entry is that being young is sometimes hard when thrown in to a world full of more experienced older people. I struggle with that often. 

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  1. I anticipate feeling inadequate and intimidated when I move to Biloxi. It will be different than the Utah bubble and I'm praying I will be led in my actions. Keep trusting in the Lord and He will provide wonders for you. You are such a good example to everyone.


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