Thursday, January 5, 2012

Anything Your Family Can Do, Mine Can Do Better

Unless you're talking about doing something really fam doesn't do slow very well.

I have a new recipe, so check it out. the end.

Here are a few pictures of our week after Christmas celebrations. My SIL Valerie took these pictures, and even though they are mostly candid shots for nothing special, the pictures are truly amazing. Check out some of her other work here and here.

Big ball soccer.
Andy and my dear Watson are practicing their karate routine. Way to go guys.

Nice kick little brother, way to put your body into it.

Charades: A Porter family favorite. Hannah might be acting out, "You walked into a coffee shop with a sword and made everyone buy you a pastry."  Good job Hann.

Don't be alarmed, he is not in agony.  We're just playing the fruit basket game. Don't show your teeth or touch your lips together...EVER, or you're out!

This is a good representation of what happened to the 1000 piece puzzle mom, dad, my dear watson, Scott, little brother and I worked on. It was about 800 pieces finished and the little hands did exactly this.


A giant magnet quilt at the Church History Museum in SLC.

I loved learning how to dance with these awesome skirts. Good job Mira and Zoey!

Just Dance 3. I danced about 60% of the time with that tongue sticking out.

Go mom and Andy!

The men.

I love my family.

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