Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dear Russell: Our Latest Car Wish-List

Dear Russell,

My dear Watson and I went to the Auto Expo last weekend, and we each found a few cars we'd like you to consider buying for us; you know, when you buy everyone a car like you always talk about?

My first pick is the Volks Wagen Touareg, charcoal grey with a grey interior. 

My second pick is this cute little truck. I don't think I want it in bright red though, but most other colors would do just fine.

My dear Watson wants this giant, man truck (Dodge Ram Mega Cab).

And maybe this.

Okay, you don't really have to get him that one.

And we went for a ride in one of these:

And did all sorts of cool tricks like this:

and this:

and this:

It was scary but also very fun, and I don't think either of us would mind having one for the family.

I'm on the fence about this one though:

And we're both on the fence about the truck we saw with this in the bed:

Grill, TV, stove top, condiment trays, speakers.

Anyway, we just wanted to get our favorites to you so you don't have to do much work when it comes time to buy everyone a car.

Thanks, man.


  1. Abby, Thanks for being so considerate with your car choices. Usually when I mention that I'll buy someone a car, they immediately go for the most expensive car they can think of but these are totally reasonable. I'll for sure get them for you.

  2. I must have missed the memo that Russell was buying everybody a car. I'll have to be doing some research. I'm sure he included me!


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