Monday, January 2, 2012

Does it Have to End?


We had an a-m-a-z-i-n-g Christmas followed by fun-filled exhausting week with most of my family (missed you Betsy and Russ). We topped it off with a celebration with the Watson family, and have now spent the day Spring Cleaning. It's sunny, mostly warm and beautiful outside today, so we were tricked into thinking it was Spring. Where's all the snow?

We really had a great time with my family, and I'll post some more pictures of our adventures soon.

My dear Watson and I sang Baby It's Cold Outside for the Watson family talent show and let me tell ya....we were GOOD. We're thinking of going on tour next summer.

We have such generous parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters and friends. We have felt so blessed this year and so grateful for family.

My dear Watson did a really great job picking presents for me this year. He was keeping a secret list that he would add to every time I said it would be nice to have something. I got some cooking stuff, some coupon stuff, some clothes stuff, and a sweet slideshow he made of the last year and a half. We celebrated one and a half years of marriage the day after Christmas.  We're still in love.  I got him boy things: ties, hats, basketball and football etc., and a nose hair trimmer. (Thanks mom and dad for the money that pretty much provided Christmas for us).

We are sad that all this fun and relaxing ends today, and wish it could go on forever!

Christmas morning.

A typical meal with my fam. Half the kids are behind me and the other half all the way at the end of this room.

Playing charades.

We got shoe organizers from my MIL ..... they worked a miracle in our closet. Imagine all those shoes just thrown in a pile along the floor of the closet. Yuck. 

We also got a can organizer that worked a miracle in our storage closet.  Thanks again Wayne and Luana.  

My mom, a few of my sisters and the oldest nieces all got together and made one of these fabric mosaics. It was a LOT of tiny little pieces, but we had a great time and everyone's was so cute.

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  1. I wish it would never end!! I'm so sad to get back to regular old school and work and housework...although my house is BEGGING to be cleaned. I totally want to hear you guys sing "Baby it's cold outside"!! That's one of my all time favorite Christmas songs and I'm wishing you sang it for the Porter side too!! Maybe you did when we weren't there, and if so ENCORE!!!!


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