Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Motivation to Warm Your Insides

This was some good motivation for me today. It's
true that once you start you don't feel as cold. I
quite prefer to run in the cold; it's refreshing.

BUT, it is so dang hard to start.

I bundle up like I'm going sledding--that's the only thing
that will get me out. Unfortunately, before I know it I'm sweating
and soooo ready to take off my bibs and boots. At least I'm not
running in Alaska in -13 degrees, and  I don't come home with
frozen hair and frozen eyelashes. I usually just come home wet.

I'm grateful for access to an indoor track (for FREEEEE)
during these cold, snowy Winter months--even if I have to run
around the tiny half track 22 times (S.O. boring), or share the track
with a million people trying to fulfill their New Year's Resolutions.

Speaking of the track, there is a sign posted near the clock called "Rules of the Track".  I swear the track has had the same rules since the 1800's.  There is the usual no spitting on the track, and always run around the track counter-clockwise, but there are a couple rules that always make me giggle.  The first one is: No stocking feet. What is a stocking foot? Why would anyone be running in stockings anyway? I think the rule should be no bare feet. I hate seeing people run around in their bare feet getting toe jam and foot fungus all over the track. Then we all sit down on the track floor to stretch, and it makes me want to puke. 

The second rule that makes me giggle is this: No grubbies.
As in, weshould wear our nicest clothes to the track like
we would to church? I don't think the youngest generations
even have 'grubbies' in their vocabulary.

Here's some more motivation:


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  1. Those are awesome rules:)

    I love that bottom quote but I think it's funny they put a girl that can actually FLY on it. It doesn't quite match the message.


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